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Sparks Fly for WCA Members at CarbonArts Meetup and Iron Pour

June 29, 2014

In early June, WCA members Margaret Parker and Barbara Melnik Carson attended a week-long tutorial in mold making and iron casting that culminated in an exciting evening of light and sound. The event was attended by a large crowd of the general public, WCAMI members and friends and families there to watch the fiery event.  Over several hours, CarbonArts personnel tended the flames of a makeshift iron furnace in the parking lot of 555 Gallery and Studio in Detroit.  Excitement in the crowd mounted as the furnace reached temperatures hot enough to melt iron to pour into over 100 molds that had been produced throughout the previous week.  Accompanying the darting flames was pulsing techno music–  the perfect soundtrack for the flying sparks and glowing molten iron.  Once the furnace was hot enough (which took several hours), the actual process of pouring the iron was relatively quick, 40 minutes or so.

We are all looking forward to seeing Barbara and Margaret’s finished pieces!


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