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Jerrie Sasson At Cork Wine Pub

November 17, 2014

A wide variety of media and subject characterize this colorful show by WCAMI artist Jerrie Sasson at the Cork Wine Pub in Pleasant Ridge Michigan. The show is on display now through December 2014. The pub is a cozy and elegant venue with dark walls and warm lighting. As you walk in the door, look to your right to see 2 medium-sized abstract painting/reliefs that feature the artist’s customary vibrant palette of reds and blues. Composed in a square format, the paintings suggest aerial maps and incorporate electronic components. My companion and I enjoyed the paintings while drinking some excellent red wine and contemplating at leisure the finely detailed surfaces.

Another standout work at the pub was an azure-skied, elongated rectangular landscape filling an alcove in the front room of the establishment. The composition glows with the characteristic jewel-like color of encaustic painting and seemed to open a window onto a warm day that was especially welcome on the cold November evening of our visit. Around the corner in another room are three additional square format encaustic paintings which suggest landscape while maintaining an air of abstract mystery.

Represented also in this broad selection of Sasson’s work were two monoprints, several paintings of women’s faces (two of which were self portraits), some very small but accomplished oil paintings of Sasson’s travels in China, as well as two black and white abstract works on paper. All the work displays considerable technical skill but it seemed to me that the encaustic paintings were the most successful, playing as they do to the artist’s considerable talents as a colorist.

Most artists show their work in non-gallery spaces from time to time, but some venues are more hospitable to fine art than others. Maybe it was the wine talking, but the Cork Wine Pub seemed especially well suited to a relaxed enjoyment of the work. The crowd was decorous and well-heeled and I noted that two pieces had already been sold–not bad for a small show in a non-traditional space.

Cork Wine Pub and Restaurant is located at 23810 Woodward in Pleasant Ridge MI, Hours are M-TH 4-10, F-SA 4-12, SU ll-3. Jerrie Sasson’s art work is on display during November and December 2014.

E_Amtrak Tales_Montana sky24x24

Aerial Mapping, 24" x 24, encaustic and collage

2_closeup_Sasson_Aerial Mapping 2

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