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Two Face Odalisque by k.a. letts

Two Face Odalisque by k.a. letts

Congratulations to k.a. Letts, the president of our Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art Chapter. Kathleen recently won an online competition to be on the cover of Art and Beyond, a bi-monthly arts publication designed to help artists market their work directly to galleries and museums. The prize, in addition to being on the cover of the magazine, includes 5 images within the body of the publication, as well as representation on their website. For more information about the online and print editions go to

“Art and Beyond …is quickly becoming a necessary resource in the professional need to know what’s happening in the art world of today.” Paul Scott Malone

The image, “Two-faced Odalisque” will also be featured in Studio Visit magazine, coming out in May, 2013.















WCA Michigan member Gabrielle Pescador will have work in the exhibition COLORLINE/COLORBLIND.

The artist reception on March 17, from 5-8 pm at the Madonna University Exhibit Gallery 36600 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150

This exhibition addresses issues of race, ethnicity and cultural identity. As a country of so much diversity, why is it that a color line still seems to exist? Through the genre of portraiture, the exhibition COLORLINE/COLORBLIND sets out to bridge the color line with the intent to enlighten an audience and create a dialog that is colorblind.

For more information, email Jeanne Moore at or call 734.793.2452.

Gabrielle Pescador

WCA Member Gabrielle Pescador would like to announce a screening of JUST BECAUSE I AM, a documentary on homophobia and youth, at the Ann Arbor District Library Main Branch, Mon. October 3, 7:30 PM.

JUST BECAUSE I AM takes the viewer through the inspirational journey of an LBGT youth group, led by an enthusiastic gay mentor, who together give a response to homophobia by creating a performance on love, respect and tolerance. While experiencing the transformative energy of art and the empowering effects of self-affirmation, these youngsters also face aggravating homophobic reactions unleashed by their collective coming out in a traditionally conservative (USA-Canada) border
city. (A Film by Juan Javier Pescador and Gabrielle Pescador)

The link to the youtube trailer for the film is:

The link to the library events page is

Hope to see you at the screening.

Gabrielle Pescador

Judith Bemis featured:


Image Angela J. Cesere |

Member Judith Bemis was recently featured in a wonderful article detailing her artwork dealing with war refugees in Ghana.  Follow this link for the full article -> Judith Bemis

Ann Arbor
Women Artists Summer Juried Exhibit: Barbara Melnik Carson (MIWCA Member)

Keeping on

Holding On

Barbara Melnik Carson has three pieces in the July 1-31: Ann Arbor
Women Artists Summer Juried Exhibit. This group of artists has over
200 members from Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.  48 of those
artists have work in this exhibit. This is an all media show.  Gallery
hours: Thursdays–Saturdays, 3:00-9:00 PM, and Sundays, 1:30-4:00 PM.
Free parking in the lot adjacent to the building; additional parking
in the city lot across the street. For more information write to or call (734) 480-2787.

ArtPrize Artist Patricia Constantine:

Born in St. Petersburg, Florida studied photography and worked in a professional photo lab for 13 years. Received MFA from University of Cincinnati in 1991. Associate of Professor of Drawing and Printmaking at Kendall College of Art and Design since 2004. Very drawn to the genre’s of still life and figure. Addicted to Italian Baroque painting, especially artist Artemesia Gentileschi. Paints and draws using mixed media on paper and panel. Loves reading and studying anatomy, forensics, cooking (Ina Garten is my favorite), geometry and perspective. Lived in Michigan on and off since 1984. Has a wonderful supportive husband Jay a painter, 2 beautiful, amazing daughters, Antonia Teresa 16, Sofia Vittoria 12 and a border collie name Scout.

About the work
Title: Fractions
Art form: 2-D
Medium: Mixed Media Painting
Year created: 2010
Description of work:I am working with the genre’s of still life and figure in my piece for artprize. I am very interested in how the table is a center piece, a gathering place for family, friends, workers and community. I am focusing on the domestic space and what occurs there. This piece is a narrative titled “Fractions” and is in process. It is mixed media on panel 6’ in height by 12’ in width.My work explores the comparisons between the body’s temporality and fragility and the association of our internal organs with the corruptibility of fruit and vegetables.Society’s adoration of the female form and also it’s repulsion of that image is of great interest to me. Woman is rejected because her inherent function is giving birth while society continues to reinforce this as her primary goal. When I physically face and control the visual images I produce I feel like I regain the power lost to fear campaigns. I refuse to fall prey to intimidation.

ArtPrize Artist Margaret Parker:

“C’ood: a democracy experiment” is an outdoor participatory project. Our diverse nation doesn’t share a common cultural background with a long history of what “culture” should be. This experiment tests whether art might help us see the beauty of our communal cultural identity based on working for the common good.

Viewers enter a circular walkway from five different points. The tunnel structure is woven with cut up cotton T-shirts which create a space both see-through yet mysterious. Viewers can roam at will around the inside enclosed space, go through four entrances into an central open space, or walk out the other side. By entering this unknown space, finding their way into and out of it, navigating around other viewers, they enter and become part of the experiment in how to find “the common good”. This becomes a transformational space in which people can re-imagine themselves within our communal culture.


A circular form is built on a wooden floor with metal strips attached to create arched  supports. Fencing is attached to the arched strips making a free form  circular walkway with an opening in the center. There are five entrances into the walkway and 4 entrances into the center space. The fencing is woven with cut up T-shirts  protected and stiffened with acrylic. Viewers walk through or around inside the space as they choose. The T-shirts are collected from around Michigan and the texts from the shirts are recorded on the floor. Each entrance is woven with shirts of one color -red, blue, green, yellow or brown. As the weaving merges around and over the circle, the colors intermix. The central opening is surrounded by multicolor weaving.

Size: 24′ diameter x 10′ ht.

To donate a T-shirt from Michigan:

mail to 210 S. Ashley St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104

To volunteer to help with this project:

Please contact Margaret Parker, 663-1276,


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